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7 facts about REY

Seven facts you must know about Rey!!!

  1. We teach... bilingually, using CLIL methodology.
  2. We offer... wide range of extra classes.
  3. We achieve... high scores of external exams.
  4. We provide...psychological-pedagogical support.
  5. We encourage... to help those in need by taking part in various charity events.
  6. We care... about experiencing the art and culture.
  7. We cooperate... with Parents, whose support means a lot to us.

Rey kindergarten was opened In 2013. It is a part of the Rey School Complex which governing authority is Świętokrzyskie Spoleczne Towarzystwo Oświatowe in Kielce. The kindergarten is located at IX Wieków Kielc Street.

In the school year 2018-2019 the kindergarten consisted of one kindergarten class for 3 and 4-year old children (15 preschoolers) and two preschool classes 0 (0a – 20 children and 0b – 15 children). There are 15 teachers working in the kindergarten, including 4 supervising teachers.

The youngest class (3-4-year old) has been taught using Maria Montessori method which develops children’s autonomy and concentration and which uses educational materials in specifically designed environment. We attach great importance to the development of each child’s personality put together with the respect towards himself / herself and others.

Preschoolers participate in following classes:

  • English -three times a week, 30 minutes each,
  • Music – two times a week, 25 minutes each,
  • Dancing – once a week, 45 minutes each,
  • Art – once a week, 45 minutes each,
  • Literary – “Little Readers”, classes take place in the school library, once a week 45 minutes each,
  • RI – once a week, 45 minutes each.
  • In preschool classes 0, the curriculum content provided by the national core curriculum of preschool education is implemented. These classes are also taught bilingually. The education is based on the core curriculum in their native language, Chile their second language is another means of Communication or transmission of the information. During the school year the children enlarge their vocabulary range and are able to understand and acquire more during classes.
  • Our main goals in the bilingual classes are:
  • trigger the interest of English language,
  • Develop their linguistic competences,
  • Teach through active child’s participation in the educational process,
  • Multisensory cognition of the language through playing games, activity and experience
  • Perfecting the pronunciation and intonation of the second language through the use of rhythm, beat and melody.

English in kindergarten is taught using CLIL (Content and Language Integrated Learning) methodology. We also use different teaching methods and activities:

  • Songs, nursery rhymes and counting rhymes in second language,
  • Listening to stories, watching cartoons,
  • Drama games (short plays, creative drama),
  • Language games – learning by playing
  • Story cards.

Extra classes in preschool classes 0:

  • CLIL – four times a week, 45 minutes each
  • Swimming – once a week, 45 minutes each,
  • Chess – once a week, 45 minutes each
  • Dancing – once a week, 45 minutes each,
  • Music – once a week, 45 minutes each,
  • Art – once a week, 45 minutes each
  • Karate – once a week, 45 minutes each.

In Rey kindergarten the following learning methods and activities are used:

  • Mobility games
  • Musical games,
  • Dancing games (basic steps of national dances),
  • Drama games,
  • Visiting museum and other cultural institutions,
  • Films and art workshops at the cinema,
  • Meeting the actors from Doll and Actor Theatre in Kielce, watching their plays,
  • Art competitions, including organized by us Regional Festival of Dance Groups and the Municipal Festival of Songs for Preschoolers,
  • Multimedia slide shows,
  • Educational films,
  • Various art works,
  • Children’s stories staging (string puppets, glove puppets, stage props),
  • Plays prepared by children,
  • Listening to stories,
  • Children’s art exhibitions,
  • Polisensoric learning,
  • Animation scarf,
  • Meeting interesting people,
  • Inviting a police officer,
  • Bus trips around the region (four times a year)

Other side-attractions in kindergarten are:

  1. School celebrations,
  2. Theatre plays,
  3. Films at the cinema,
  4. Museum lessons,
  5. Artistic performances,
  6. Educational trips.

We also offer psychological and pedagogical care and speech screening tests. Children can use our professionally equipped playground with a pitch, gymnasium, canteen and library.


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