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Modernly! Inspiringly! Creatively!

Hurry up! Be the first!

Only 20 places for middle school graduates.

Only 20 places for primary school graduates.

  1. Make a decision... choose extended subjects. Every combination is possible. Maths – Biology – Chemistry? Or Biology – Physics – IT? Or maybe another idea?
  2. Find your passion... while meetings with outstanding professionals whose enthusiasm and commitment may arouse your interest in entirely new fields. You can develop your interests during extra classes preparing for subject competitions.
  3. Communicate... not only in Polish. Starting from Semptember 1st, you can attend English or German 4 or 6 times a week.
  4. Develop your skills... during workshop classes, where you will learn how to manage the time, cooperate and be creative.
  5. Relax...don't worry about the bell. We don't have it. Develop both, intelectually and physically.
  6. Don't waste time!
    We offer one-shift system, start school at eight and have the afternoons off.

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