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Is it important to invest in the individual development of your child? Find out about the benefits of Spoleczna

  1. Spoleczna is a non-profit school. No one profits from its activity.
  2. Always at eight! One-shift system is a major advantage of our school. Regular rhythm of a day conduces to more effective learning.
  3. Small classes. For some, low ratio of the number of students per teacher may be an advantage, and for others a reason to concern. Over twenty uears of experience has shown that smaller classes improve the process of learning. When a teacher is able to pay more attention to one student, he or she is never unnoticed, learns faster and remebers better.
  4. Individualised education. Nonpublic schools care about talented students and those who need additional support for learning. Individaulised curriculm allows to cater for varied educational needs of different students. Extra classes allow our students to develop their interests comprehensively.
  5. High standards of education. Knowledge is the best investment in the future. For that reason we implement solutions which contribute to effective learning,
    Among others, we offer:
    • increased number of English classes,
    • extra classes preparing for subject competitions,
    • language classes and extended subjects in small groups from 5 to 10 students.
    • soft skills education, including the art of communication, arguing and working and cooperating.
  6. No routine! Experiencing is a non-negotiable value. However, sometimes it involves the risk of routine. While teaching modern-day teenagers, rule-breaking solutions are essential. Only creative, passionate and open-minded teachers are able to divert teenager's attention from a computer or a smartphone. Our teachers are not only outstanding pedagogues, but also scientists and artists, people who are able to trigger the students to explore the unknown and search for answers.

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